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Meet the Robots


KRUZR1 is a powerful but safe for human, ultraviolet wave emitting robot that kills 99.9% of all forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Mostly used for the sterilization of floors, walls and ceilings.  KRUZR1 kills viruses up to a 10 foot wide radius, and 8 feet high up.


KRUZR2 is a powerful and safe ultraviolet wave emitting autonomous robot that also utilizes a sanitizing spray mechanism both safe for humans, to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Mostly used for the sterilization of floors, walls, ceilings and surfaces.  KRUZR2 kills viruses along its path utilizing ultraviolet waves below its hover deck, then sprays disinfecting mists that can travel up to 9 feet away from the robot and upwards to 6 feet.

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Hospital or Medical Facility

Restaurants and Bars

Corporate offices or buildings

Shopping Mall or center

Resort-Style hospitality

KRUZR2 Sterilizing Robot Trailer

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